The effect of salt to clear the stomach water implant hair loss

The effect of salt to clear the stomach water implant hair loss

Salt is the most commonly used condiment, and many of its medical functions are little known.

  Clear stomach water: In the morning on an empty stomach, drink 1 cup of salt soup, but also to remove stomach fire, remove bad breath and bitter and odorless in the mouth, but also enhance digestion, increase appetite, and clean up heat in the intestines.

  Injecting hair loss: Gently apply the concentrated salt soup to the root of the hair. Wash it with water for about 5 minutes, once a day in the morning and evening, for 15 to 20 days for a course of treatment, which can reduce hair loss.

  Care for the throat: the climate is dry in autumn and winter, is a period of acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, in the early stage of the disease can be treated with salt soup.

The method is as follows: When the throat feels mild discomfort, the salt soup can be used as a morning mouthwash.

When the throat is swollen, gargle 5 to 6 times a day with concentrated salt soup to inhibit the anti-inflammatory effect.

  Natural hemostasis: After nosebleed, you can use the medicine cotton soaked salt soup into the nostrils, and insert 1 cup of salt soup to pass the effect of stopping bleeding.

If there is small bleeding inside the oral cavity (such as bleeding gums, fish bone stab wounds and throat bleeding), salt soup can promote blood clotting, thus naturally stopping bleeding.

  Degreased beauty: Patients with acne (acne) are placed in a pot of hot water with about 20 grams of salt before going to sleep at night. After they are dissolved, they are washed hot and can no longer remove oil, so that the wine thorns gradually dissipate and even avoid alcohol.The thorn infection is inflamed.

  Decontamination and detoxification: When the hands are aligned with toxic substances (such as sulfur, mercury), rub the hands with salt and rub and disinfect.

If it is sputum, the scorpion is bruised, you can immediately apply the hot salt to the affected area with a spoon of fine salt, which can reduce the effect of painful disinfection.

When eating a variety of fruits, a small amount of salt can be used to make salt soup with boiling water. After washing the skin of the fruit, rinse it with water to remove the toxins of the snake mites hidden in the fruit epidermis and improve the effect of cleaning and disinfecting.

  Prevention of tooth decay: Fluoride contained in salt can reduce anti-inflammatory and prevent fractures.

Therefore, brushing your teeth with salt soup every morning and evening can prevent fractures.

Patients with liver and toothache, mouthwash with salt soup, can combine the efficacy of heat and inflammation, relieve the pain of toothache.

  Treatment of liver and stomach: liver and stomach pain is a common condition in patients with stomach diseases, can be treated with salt fennel hot compress.

The method is: take 31 grams of anise, 16 grams of cumin, chopped.

Add 1 bowl of coarse salt (about 450 grams), put the above-mentioned medicines together in the pot, stir them up, put them into the bag, and then iron the stomach and seams with the towel, and combine the stomach of the patient’s stomach.Local relaxation and relaxation, help to smooth the stomach and digest the good effect of stomach disease.