Look at the face of Chu Deirers,Said really to kill people,They also believe。

“Chu said,As long as he put the water girl,Today, I will protect him.,Who wants to kill him?、Who will I kill?!”Chu Deirers looked at Ding Minjun coldly,But the strength of the hand,Obviously, there is no meaning of her back.。
“Chu brother,Don’t hurt people first,I must go to Emei to visit this matter.,To die, give you an explanation!”Although Yu Lianzhou also hates this Ding Minjun bad thing,But the position of Yu 2nd,Definitely can’t sit down the extinct disciple to die in front of himself,Especially still dead“Sneak attack”This matter。
“good,Ding Shimei’s as,Indeed,Benefits,I will respect my husband,Wang Chu Shi is temporarily for a while。”Jing Xuan also immediately followed。
MurongjiukuSound,Open paper fan……But I thought about it.,This wind is too big,I am afraid to get the face,And when you use the fan this time,So receiving it back。
Go to the Chu Deirers,Excembress:“Chu brother,Just this small master,It’s not that it has already put the water girl.……What’s more, still saving people,You see the blood knife old thief,Laughing with flowers。”
really,Compared to below,Or Murong Jiu knows more about Chu Deirers,I haven’t taken effect from the vows of the Chu Deirers when I persuaded.。
“Humph,Death,It is difficult for sin!”Chu Dee’s face,But the hands are more capacity。
Not really powerful,It’s so scared that it is sore.,But……Fully transported the stolen power!
Ding Minjun’s internal force,Compared with Chu Dee,This is the other of Tianyuan,At this time, it was also caught in the hand without resistance.,In an instant, she only feels the pain of the whole body.。
Because I can’t breathe, I have a big face.,Red orange blue flashes,When I was thrown away by the Chu Deirers,It has been discussed,And the internal force is completely abolished.,Already can’t be cold,Surse shaking。
And the Chu Deirers are like they are not in the miserable,Touch your shoulder on your shoulder——In fact, it is to extract the meridians and this mesophy.,Infusion into the branch……
Chapter 480 Whiz
“Little scorpion!Really when these heroes,Killed me this old,Will let you go a little prostitution?I still don’t walk with my ancestors.!”The blood knife leaves before leaving,He also greeted a hesitation of Di Yun。
Di Yunnan,Looked watching Chu Deirers、I also looked at the Emei.,Bite tooth……Still following it。
However, this time Chu Deirers are in the wind of whistling,As if in the water,A shackle,It is blocked in front of the blood knife.。
“Blood knife,You are so stupid,Or is it too old??Or……You really feel,I am to save people.?”Chu Deman cold channel。
“Oh?That Chu is too old.,In fact, you don’t care about the big girl of this water.,Instead, I reported the day of Tianlong Temple that year.‘Almost kill’Hatred,Only from the Central Plains、I have been chasing the past, I am going to hide.?”Blood knife old ancestors smiled and looked to Chu Deirers,Take the initiative to answer what he wants。
And the water is a tense,The heart is also very entangled,I don’t know what to be expected by Chu Deirers.,Still don’t take care of her、Immediately kill this kinky。
After all, this is all in the hidden side.,Escape by the blood knife,Behind him is all his home!
The possibility of being saved later is lower……
The most made her dare not think,Although it is wading in the mountains,It’s hard to pay attention to her,But carefully calculate,Blood knife old ancestors tied her for more than a month。
Fortunately, this month,That child is not a conscience、It may also be a courageous,Or understand her in a bright or dark,Plus her、Bo,There are other rivers and lakes chasing tight,She still did not lose her life,But……Will other people believe??
These things,I don’t want to think about the water……
“Shuiyries have a little incense,Can save his daughter naturally,If you can’t save……Instead, let the water girl is not as good as death.,It’s better, I will definite it now.!”Chu Deirers said,I have to grab the blood knife。
Blood knife two words,First pull the coat of the water、Throw it on the side。
Chu Deirens immediately stopped the footsteps——This old babard,It’s really fooling.!
“Hey-hey,Chu is not even more looking for my life, I want to have a grandmother.?It is worse than one,Is your health、Still the ancestor, my method is faster?”The blood knife must also break the coat of the water。
Water is rushed,I have to hit myself on a knife.,However, it was gave a point of acupoints by the blood knife of the first time.。
“it is good……you are vicious!I saw you too old grandfather.,Put the water girl,I let you return!”Chu Deirers I would like to be installed first.,Find a chance to save a water。
But the blood knife is completely,He has no better way,Talk now,It is inevitable that it is weak。
“Not dare、Not dare,Chu is still less experienced,The ancestor, I am talking about it.,Look at the beauty、Two knife,Three……It is specifically to see those‘Heroes’of!”Blood knife and see Chu Deirers are weakened,I still take the initiative.。
“Less nonsense!Let go,Thereafter roll。”Chu Deirers are not moving。
“Grandfather grandfather!You put the water female man.,I think Chu Tai is also a credit.,Let her go back to the blood knife.!”Di Yun also advised。