I immediately laughed:“Lee brother,Don’t hang,I give,Do I still can’t??

You said that transfer or cash。”
“Cash,Let your son bring money to Yang Li personally,Don’t play the pattern,Because I didn’t play with you.,Since your son can bring money to Yang Li yourself.,Then I think you should know, then prove that your son is fine.,But during this time, if you play the pattern,I believe that my pattern will be more boss.。”
This time,Li Hui has really hanged the phone directly.。
And the Tianshi of the phone,But it is hate to bite teeth。
At the same time on the younger brother around you:“You have determined that the investigation is clear that this Li Hui is a general college student.?
Then he said that Song Ting is his nephew.?”
Chapter 524 gives a laughing future plan
Tian Da Zhuang heard Song Ting’s two word faces are very ugly,I am also a little in my heart.。
After all, Song Ting’s prestigious name, but the whole county has been named.。
In particular, Zhao Lao Tiger in Liu Tian Town is hit by Song Ting.,There is also a son and it is also getting.,Even the chances of contending,Direct death。
To say that he is not afraid that all fake,After all, many of his business is not exciting.。
But the place of this poor spring,Plus the high emperor,He feels only to be careful,Don’t be too powerful,Basically no problem。
I didn’t expect it to have a relationship with Song Ting.。
The younger brother,Looking at the look of Tian Da Zhuang,It is also breeze。
After all, Tian Da is a famous name.,Several people in this town are all sent to the fingers in person.。
“Boss,I checked it clearly.,That is a college student.,It should have no relationship with Song Ting,And I haven’t heard that Li Hui’s family relationship with the surname Song,As for the big brother, I have never heard of it.。”
Listen to the younger brother,Tian Da Zhuang brow is even more locked up.。
“So that the boy is deliberate me.?
But the kid is so confident in the phone.,Unlike a fool。”
“Forehead,Boss,Do you want to see if the young master can’t let go??
If the kid can tell you, it doesn’t matter if you are.,When we come, let’s slowly plan it.。”
Tian Da Zhuang heard this,The eyes are also bright.。
“Hahaha can,Can,This small piece is very good.,See you on your own,That small sweet time got it.,Boss, let her accompany you one night.,How about it?”
Listening to Tianzhuang,Xu Er didn’t stand it directly on the spot.,Then it is just a horse to give Tianzhuang again.,It is also to smoke。
“Thank you boss,Thank you boss,As long as the boss let the younger brother taste the taste of the little girl,In the future, the younger brother is dead and the ghost around the boss.。”
“Go! Go! Go,The big night is less talking about these unlucky words。”
Talent Tianzhuang although fierce,But it is more superstitious for ghosts and gods.,I heard Xu Er.,His instinct, feels cold in the back of the ridge。
“Hey-hey,The younger brother,In the past few days, I feel that the little girl will promise the demand of the big brother.,After all, she came here, but a single business did not make,So as soon as possible,She may be fried squid.?
And I heard that her husband in the company seems to have an affair.,Although these news is not allowed,But I feel useful。”
I heard the analysis of Xu Er.,Tian Da Zhuang’s eyes are also bright。
“Um,Go back,Remember that I don’t have to do it recently.,After all, my son is still in it.,At this time, there must be many people staring at me.,One accidental we may be in this small ditch。”
“Hey-hey,Boss,I understand,Then I will withdraw it first.。”
Looking at the younger brother withdrawn,Tian Da Zhuang’s face was once again ylowen。
He feels that the words before Li will seem to be joking.。
Now, I will send a message to Li with the wind.“I have promised,Let me go out soon.,Just come out, add 500,000。”
Li Hui, who saw the message, also laughed.。