Chapter 139 The Two Join Hands
“this matter,You feel,What to do?”
Zhang Jiajia advocates Yunfei,I didn’t forget to say to my eyes suddenly。
With these words finished,In front of him,The man in his forties saw this,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。
“in fact,Now,This thing is very simple。”
“That is,Our two join hands。”
slowly,With these words finished。
Actually Zhang Yunfei looks,this matter,It did come very well。
If this is the case,Then next,You can start from this aspect。
So when looking at this side,Actually for these,Patriarch Li Kangjie nodded again and again。
“Yes,obviously,You are also aware of the problem。”
“If start now,If our two love don’t join hands,Then then,We won’t have the slightest chance!”
When Li Kangjie finished,At this moment,Those around,It’s also a look completely free。
after all,For such things。
Next,How to deal with such a thing。
Actually just these things,Has become very difficult。