to be frank,He didn’t expect that Zhao Yuanchao would really dare to kill him,I wanted to do a fake show,It seems unnecessary now。

“How do you know these?”Wang Chaogui was shocked,Surprised。
He has a vague impression of this Lu Menglin,Knowing that he is one of the group of fox friends next to his son,But I didn’t expect it,The tone of this kid,It’s not what I thought。
“Let me tell you this!I know the one from the Commission for Discipline Inspection,And can take you to him now。The Commission for Discipline Inspection has a report,The content is very detailed,They are looking for this reporter。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“what do you mean?”Wang Chaogui still can’t believe what he sees,This high school student who usually hangs out with his son,Actually had contacts with officials from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection,This is incredible too!
“I mean,As long as you are willing to tell all the bad things about Zhao Yuanchao,And turned to be a tainted witness,Then you are the whistleblower,Not only without fault,And have merit。Wang Shaoxiao can continue a happy life,Admitted to university,Get married and have children,Live this life happily。”Lu Menglin continued。
“you,How can you guarantee?Why should i believe you?”Wang Chaogui’s red eyes,Frustrated,Exhausted the last bit of strength and shouted。
Because he and Lu Menglin are very clear,By now,He has no other choice。
The three people not far away heard Wang Chaogui’s roar,Wang Shaoxiao moved slightly,I want to go over and take a look,But was stopped by Chen Jiannan and Feng Nan at the same time。
Wang Shaoxiao knew this time,Everyone listened to Lu Menglin,I had to give up,Because he also believes in Lu Menglin,Although that kid is unpredictable,But every step is just right,Can only trust him。
Lu Menglin was in desperation looking at this,Only a middle-aged man who can help him,I suddenly remembered my father,I hope my father never has to make this choice。
“Uncle Wang,We saved you and Shaoxiao just now,But there is no guarantee that I will be so lucky next time。Now as long as you go with me,Go to the working group and explain all the issues clearly,There is another living witness of Hou Jianjun,Zhao Yuanchao is hard and fast,Indecent。”
“If you miss this opportunity,You know the consequences。For Wang Shaoxiao,You should also have the courage to try。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Wang Chaogui’s face is uncertain,His mind is chaotic,Although he thinks this boy makes a lot of sense,But the inertia for so many years,Let him suddenly have no way to resist Zhao Yuanchao,The courage to stand on the opposite side of Zhao Yuanchao。
“you,Can you really guarantee?I can’t do anything。Wang Shaoxiao is still young,do not understand anything,Without me,he,he,I don’t know which way he will go!”Dynasty Gui is full of pain,Tugging hard on my little hair,Weak voice。
Lu Menglin put a smile away,Seriously:“Uncle Wang,I am Wang Shaoxiao’s good friend,I will never harm him。Actually you surrendered,There won’t be any problems at all。I confessed to you,Materials in the hands of the working group,I handed it in,It’s the material you got from your big green suitcase。”
“what?”Wang Chaogui looked up in horror,Open mouth,Wang Lu Menglin,Can’t say a word。
“Yes!But i’m just a high school student,I still miss university,Even less interested in exposing yourself to everyone。So don’t worry,As long as i don’t say anything,You don’t speak,This reporter is you!Meritorious。”Lu Menglin frankly persuades。
Wang Chaogui heard this incredible news,Only helpless smile。