[Can pregnant women eat vegetables?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat vegetables?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Presumably many people have eaten melon. This is a very comprehensive nut and vegetable, a small amount of protein, precipitated fiber, vitamin c and nicotinic acid. This is a cold food, so it is especially suitable for summer time.Eat, it has a very good summer heat-reducing effect. In summer, it is very good to eat cold salad with vegetable melon, and the method is very simple. Can pregnant women eat vegetable melon?

Can pregnant women eat vegetables?
Yes, pregnant women can also eat the following things.

Protein powder, calcium tablets and the like, cosmetics, and pregnant women’s milk powder can also be calcium supplements are good for the fetus1.

Nutrient development to 200 million cells is very much, especially protein.


Eat 3-4 walnuts or other nuts every day (don’t eat apricots and almonds). 10-18 weeks of pregnancy is the first peak period for your child’s brain. You can eat more fish and nuts.


Fish and shrimp are good foods and can be eaten often.


Lettuce contains more folic acid, which helps the formation of spinal cord.

Oral folic acid tablets do not exceed 3 months after pregnancy, there will be other adverse effects, it seems that it is likely to affect the absorption of iron, please consult your doctor.


Sesame is also a good thing. It can supplement iron, provide lecithin, protein, etc., can improve the fitness of pregnant women, prevent colds, and can also eat sesame sauce, which is rich in trace elements needed by the human body.


Sweets, fruits should be moderate, avoid diabetes, huge vitamins.


Fasting: longan, hot, can easily cause miscarriage of pregnant women; crab, turtle, cold, can easily cause miscarriage of pregnant women, especially crab legs; aloe juice; carbonated drinks, cold drinks, sausages, bacon, salted eggs, cooked meat, Ham, spicy duck neck, fritters, barbecue, plum, canned fruit, instant noodles, pickles, fried foods and other reprocessing, there are hidden health risks, non-nutritive foods should also be banned from fasting.


Cannot be eaten in large quantities: long-lasting potatoes contain alkaloids, which can remain in the mother for 2 months and cause fatal injury; spinach does not contain much iron, but oxalic acid is too strong, which will affect calcium and zinc absorption; star anise cinnamon pepper, and other thermal propertiesSpices are easy to cause constipation. In addition, kelp is cold and cannot be eaten in large quantities. It is best to soak for 24 hours before eating and change the water frequently to eliminate arsenic poisoning caused by seawater pollution. Also purslane, excite the uterus; 苡Rice slippery; black fungus activating blood, easy to abortion if consumed in large quantities; hawthorn and its products will stimulate the uterus, a large amount of consumption will cause uterine contraction and cause abortion; almonds, apricots, and hot slippery abortion.

Pork liver can not eat more, it is easy to maintain excess A, 50g per week is enough, and other foods can be used instead of iron supplements.


Don’t make yourself hungry, prepare some suitable snacks, Taiping combo cookies, pistachios, fruits, yogurt are all good choices.