Cai Qi: Try to build a new highland of digital trade globally

Original title: Strive to build a new high-rise, new high-rise, the reporter Liu Feifei, was yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Committee Theory Learning Center Group Learning (Expand) The SPS will hold a new development pattern, invite the Dean of China Information Communications Research, Yu Xiaohui around the number Trade is a counseling report. Cai Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Chen Jining, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Li Wei, Chairman of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, participated in the study. Yu Xiaohui has explained in-depth interpretation around the connotation and significance of digital trade, the overall situation of digital trade and several important issues, etc., and made recommendations for Beijing Digital Trade Development. Cai Qi pointed out that digital trade is an important product of a new round of technical revolution and industrial change.

At present, the city’s "two districts" construction, global digital economy benchmark urban construction, international consumer center city construction provides a powerful driving force for digital trade development. We must closely grasp the "Golden Period", active as the digital trade development, and strive to build a new highland of digital trade. Cai Qi emphasized that we must continue to consolidate the development of digital trade development.

Digital technology is a digital trade cornerstone, to concentrate on a new breakthrough in front-edge fields of artificial intelligence, block chains, big data, cloud computing, quantum technology, etc.

Actively promote the construction of digital infrastructure, maintain the leading momentum of new infrastructure investment, and expand 5G base station coverage.

Promote the construction of digital platforms and enhance key basic digital service capabilities. Support new scenes, new formats, and new models that explore digital trade, etc.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that it is necessary to support the development of key fields of digital trade, through digital communication, enhance financial, business services, and education medical and other international competitiveness. Actively develop information services, technology services, focus software design, cloud storage, data information services, etc., and cultivate a group of leading companies with global influence.

Strengthen digital content development, encourage cultural creativity, media entertainment, etc. Digital product trade. Support cross-border e-commerce, smart logistics development.

Built the digital trade port and plan to build an international trade digital demonstration zone. Do a good job in China International Service Trade Fair, Zhongguancun Forum, Financial Street Forum, form a group of international cooperation results in the digital field. Cai Qi emphasizes to strengthen the innovation in the field of digital trade.

Combined with the construction of "two districts", launch a number of digital trade first-line test policies. Actively participate in international rules, support leading enterprises to establish digital technical specifications and industrial standards.

Explore cross-border data trading models to enhance the global configuration capability of data resources. Resolutely keep the data security bottom line.

Strengthen key information infrastructure safety protection, strengthen data cross-border flow supervision, and ensure national data security.

Carry out relevant laws and regulations, strengthen industry self-discipline.

(Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).