Teach you how to have the incense of incense

Teach you how to have the incense of incense

The ancients could not derive the mystery of human fragrance.

Until modern times, people discovered that the body’s fragrance is related to diet, and even by selecting specific foods to transform the specific body fragrance.

  Apricot-flavored figs, winter melon seeds, aspen, and maifan stone exhibit manganese, which has a good effect on beauty and body aroma. Regular consumption can make the spirit full, the skin white and tender, and the body tastes fragrant.

For example, the use of winter melon seeds, figs, and aspens are studied at the end, and 10 grams of boiled water is used every night. For a long time, the human body can have apricot fragrance overflow.

  Peach-flavored ancient Chinese medicine believes that peach blossoms can be “stunning colors.”

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that peach blossom contains biological compounds and plant hormones, which can promote blood circulation.

A small amount of iron in peach blossoms, made with its petal tea, or made into a honey pill at the end of the study. The girl eats it regularly, which can make the body emit a spring peach aroma.

  Jasmine fragrant body fragrance “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that jasmine can scent, emollient, long hair.

Modern pharmacological research believes that Lai Lihua contains essential oils, linalool and other substances, which can inhibit skin pigmentation and activate epidermal cells.

Jasmine contains naphthoquinone, and the jasmine is dried and ground. Each time, 5 grams of porridge is taken to make the body taste light and fragrant.