Qi deficiency constitutional weight loss method

Qi deficiency constitutional weight loss method

Click to buy a friend who wants to lose weight should know their physique, and then lose weight.

Because for obese friends of different physiques, the causes of obesity are also different, so in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, symptomatic treatment is necessary.

Only when you find the right weight loss program can you get good results.

So what are the ways to lose weight in qi deficiency?

How to lose weight is the healthiest?

  The method of losing weight in qi deficiency constitution, if the diet is a friend of qi deficiency constitution, in order to lose weight, the principle of spleen and qi should be observed.

Therefore, friends with qi deficiency can eat more foods such as rice, jujube and other qi and spleen and stomach. They must eat less cold and bitter cold foods such as cucumber, mung bean and lotus root.

Although it is said that a friend with a relatively weak constitution needs to be supplemented with nutrients properly, it is not possible to eat too greasy food in the diet, and to eat less difficult to digest food.

  2, exercise and exercise, physical imaginary friends can do some gentle exercise, especially can go to the square, the courtyard and the lake and the hillside and other fresh air of the other side to walk or jog and other sports, you can also carry out health care in traditional Chinese medicineExercise.

But whether it is exercise or exercise, it must be sustained.

At the beginning, the amount of exercise can be smaller, and then it can be slowly increased, and at the same time, it is impossible to perform movements that are too vertical and high-intensity, or it will be lost.

  These are the ways to lose weight in qi deficiency.

In addition, patients with qi deficiency constitution need to ensure adequate sleep, usually also pay attention to keep warm, do not suffer from wind after vertical exercise or sweating, otherwise it will affect their own righteousness, so that the body’s immunity is reduced, making the body moreEasy to get infected with the disease.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help friends who have too much qi deficiency.