Solve the difficulties, pain points of the people, and the streets of the Qingyuan street from "face" to "in" to create a happiness

After the college community micro update is transformed.

In addition, Qingyuan’s various buildings have formed a consensus – do not have to worry, find the "autonomous group" existing spectrum.

Binhe Silitan District community is the old community, and it coincides with the handover of new and old people, some residents’ hardware damage, environmental dirty problems.

This year, the community was piloted by a building of No. 36 for the "Air Siheyuan", and the "Autonomous Team" was established.

"Autonomous Team" is composed of old households, and everyone is also convinced. The door axis is broken, can’t keep it, the "autonomous group" coordinates the people in the building take the initiative to repair. There are many small advertisements in the building, "Autonomous Regiment" cleaned up every week … The little thing does not go out of the door, there is nothing out of the community, the building is long, the residents are actively striving as a "supervisor", clear source "air Siheyuan "explored the happiness of the door. Blocked the road to become a complimentary to the crack the business circle "blocking point" "block" "not good parking", is a nearby residents’ evaluation of the traffic environment of the beauty supermarket (Zaoyuan shop).

The US supermarket is located in the West Gate of the Rainbow New Town Community, the merchant is intensive, and due to the lack of parking and isolation facilities, plus community residents, customers, supermarket employees, surrounding merchants habits to park the vehicle at the door, leading to the morning and evening peak road to block into one. In order to cure parking, on August 23, Qingyuan Street specializes in parking order, intervals, disorder points, bright spots, and sends parking spaces, partition management, "IX + IC + The combination of all directions and other measures, the big business super, commercial street parking chaos.

During the preparatory process, the street always took the voices along the street merchants, nearby residents as a "compass", listening to public opinion, Guanghui people, and optimizing parking space settings. "Can the parking space be a little farther away?" After discussion, the field survey, it was determined that the parking space of the store in Xinghua Street was unified to leave 3 to 4 meters away. It is convenient for customers to walk and leave space for driving. "Can the parking space be pair of stores?" "Daily purchase often has a large car to enter and exit, can you open a special venue, avoid scratching when discharged?" In the surrounding of the beauty supermarket, it is specifically drawing a unloading area for a medium-sized van for unloading.

At the same time, the parking area, non-motor vehicle parking area, shopping cart parking area, supermarket distribution vehicle parking area and other districts, supermarket distribution cars are divided by vehicle category. In front of the scribe, the street posted a notice in advance, and the accounting report, the Union Traffic Detachment evacuated to the nearby parking vehicles, clearing the excess, damaged geodes, leaving space for the scribe. It is neatly scratched along the Xinghua Street, and the middle is reserved for more than 4 meters, which is convenient for two-way driving and fire rescue vehicles. How to ensure the rebound after parking specification? The street adopts a "IT + self-tube" mode for multi-dimensional supervision. In terms of smart management, install monitoring probes around the supermarket, information directly connected to the street urban management command center, with large data analysis, smart image identification and other technology, accurate analysis of road conditions, realize people, vehicle information real-time management and alarm Linkage.

In terms of daily management, the linkage public security traffic department increases the rectification of violations. Supervise the performance of the beauty supermarket and the surrounding merchants to perform their duties, do a good job in parking order in front of the store. At the same time, using the "Merchants" management model, improve incentive means, wide mobilization of the surrounding merchants actively become a violation of the "supervisor" "persuasion".

Optimize self-evaluation system, add "parking order" quantization, scientifically guide merchants to self-examination around parking order. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.