Qi Yana said yes,Learn this piece,She often reads the book.,Be asleep。

But after each fade,Qi Yana will be seriously trained.。
De Lisa sitting behind the desk,Ji is sitting on one side of the wall on the sofa。
Qi Yana,They don’t know how to manage。
If it is not a message that De http://www.dsyhome.cn Lisa uses Qi Guanfei, tie Qiana,She is not allowed to find Qi Gay around the world.,I will not be safe and worried about the Santa Feria School.。
“All right,All right,You go back first.,I am still something here.。”De Lisa said helplessly。
Qi Yan turned to the door,Han Jiang is just coming in,She sneaked a fist.,Give Hanjiang to your eyes,嘚 嘚 自己 自己 事,Approved or Hanjiang。
Qi Yana,De Lisa and Ji did not say that Hanjiang today’s acquisition。
“Next,There is a task handed it to you.。”De Lisa opens to see the mountain。
“what?”Han Jiang frowned,Just come back from Shenzhou,What is wrong??
De Lisa takes out a shiny sphere from the desk.,The sphere is not directly touched by the palm,Instead, floating in half air。
De Lisa’s small hand dragged in the void,Just put the ball on the table.。
Remove the table,Spoon Guanghua,Subsequently, she falls on the table.。
“Liquid soul steel computer?”Han Jiang asked:“Doesn’t it say that this is a record of the previous era?,Not placed in laboratory research,What to take??”
“I don’t know if this liquid soul steel computer has been damaged.,Still can’t crack in our current level,The data is always lacking。”
“so,We need you to send this thing to the North American branch of reverse entropy,Let them help us crack liquid soul steel computer,Get information inside。”
“Not waiting”Han Jiang quickly shakes his hand。
“What’s wrong?”
“Take this thing in reverse entropy,Is it really good??”Han Jiang asked:“Don’t you want to solve a way??”
For this liquid soul steel computer,Hanjiang has no knowledge,Just simply feel,Stay in Santa Feria and then study more better。
“Cracked,Santa Falia’s core computer and the destiny headquarters are very deeply related,Cannot be easy to use,So we have to ask for reverse entropy。”Ji sings。
“Well first to wait。”
Han Jiang open communication channel,Asking the wings of the flag, there is no such thing.。
Fanwing Wings look at the image,Very casual:“What’s wrong,Is it a soul steel computer??”
“You know this thing?”Han Jiang asked。
The flag of the flag pinch the chin,Proudly said:“Ghost,You are too small to watch the teacher.。”
“Our core computer of our armed people,Liquid soul steel computer,This computer is better than ordinary.,Can store the information and more running speeds。”
“Then can you break out??”
“never mind。”Han Jiang http://www.sister365.cn said。
Armed puppet manufacturers left an old computer,They have not been crackdown in the time of all years.,Don’t say liquid soul steel computer。
“Don’t look at it!”
“Then you come,Santa Feria School Long Office,I am waiting for you here.!”
Han Jiang said to close the communication channel,Look at Ji and De Lisa:“I have a friend.,She should be able to cracked the information stored inside.。”
“friend?”Ji sings,“Can you trust??”
After a while,The small guys in the two slaps, flying to the school leader。