Fitness and fattening plan suitable for the family

Fitness and fattening plan suitable for the family

A large number of thin-skinned friends may not have the conditions to go to the gym, here to recommend a suitable fitness and fattening program for the family.


Push-ups can be said to be one of the best ways to gain weight by hand. The nickname I gave it is called the all-round fighter. Different arm distance changes and high local changes can achieve different exercise effects. Now I will simply say.

  (1) General push-ups.

Do not pad anything before and after, the distance between the 2 hands is slightly wider than the front, and when going down, the top should be almost attached.

The main stimulating muscle of this movement is the middle part of the pectoral muscle, followed by the deltoid toe and triceps (the opposite muscle of the abdominal biceps, which is seen by newcomers who do not understand).

  Do 3 groups a day. If you can do it 12 times independently, add a little weight to your back.

  The hand is too high for push-ups.

The main exercise chest muscle is higher, newcomers can not do, because you do not have chest muscles, first exercise the chest muscles in the middle, said this action is to further perfect your cockroaches to do, is a high-level exercise program.

  The steps are raised.

The lower part of the exercise chest is also a high-level exercise program, and new people do not.

  (2) The distance between the two hands is wider than the shoulder.

Mainly exercise the triceps, as well as the part of the chest muscles.

  At home fitness, the first three groups of hands with a wide push-ups, in the three groups of narrower push-ups, you can, there are spare students, two actions each action 5 groups enough, not as much as possible,To give the muscles a strong stimulation in the shortest possible time, if your training time is a marathon, it will only consume a lot of physical strength, and the hormone secretion time during exercise is about 1 hour. If it exceeds this time, the exercise effect is very poor.


Pull ups.

It is also the second all-round warrior project, shaping the perfect hip muscles and strong biceps, and the exercise method is the same as above.

Mainly stimulate the muscles, forehand pull up, mainly stimulate the big round muscle (the muscle in the back of the arm), the upper part of the latissimus dorsi, the biceps, the tibialis and the forearm muscles.

This action requires a higher initial force. A newcomer who can’t afford it can practice the lifting bar first. It is recommended to buy 2 dumbbells. After doing this, it is recommended to lift 3 groups of dumbbells to fully and redundantly.Muscle stimulation, 2 movements, simple, convenient, effective, no more than 40 minutes, get it?


There is no barbell at home, you can aim at the dumbbells (dumbbells can be bought on Taobao or nearby supermarkets), pick up a dumbbell in both hands, stand up, squat down, it’s very simple.

The key point of the action essentials is that when standing up, the waist must be perpendicular to the ground. Don’t bend it together when you come together. It’s very irritating to the waist. Second, let the muscles of the leg be subjected to the waist.Decomposition, gradually slow down, if you quickly squat down, it will inevitably occur when you get up, that is equal to no meaning, the deeper the sputum, the more you can stimulate the hip muscles.

  A total of 3 actions, it is so simple, adhere to 3 months, 4 eggs a day, all eaten, do not consider taking, we do not need to consider this level, milk try to drink, chicken beef eat more, rice taro eat more, thisBe sure to eat more, even if the protein is less, eat more.

  Finally, summarize the main points of fitness and fattening: 1.

Exercise every two days in order, that is, Monday push-ups, Thursday, pull-ups, Sundays, squats, bodybuilding principles are thorough exercise, full rest, not what we think is a good daily exercise.


Never exceed 30 minutes each time, the rest between each group should never exceed 1 minute, 2 actions and 15 minutes can be completely fixed, must concentrate on concentration, not marathon-like exercise 3 .

12 times.

Any action can be done 12 times in a single weight and add a little weight. Your heart is only 12 times. The first group of any action can complete 10 times and can complete 10 times.

(Except for the pull-ups, the principle of the pull-up is that you can’t do it until you take a break for a minute).

No more than 5 groups of actions.


Sleep at least 10 hours a day.


You can’t make love on training days, especially before training.  For 3 months, if you have been thin for many years, you may wish to take out 3 months. According to this fitness fattening plan, you will feel different.