The sky is high in front of you,Meteorological,Although already very familiar,But the visual contrast that just came out of the bamboo forest still makes Li Tianzhi feel relaxed and happy,I almost forgot the doomsday scene I saw a few days ago,Lava billowing、The horror images of black smoke and flames are all like illusions, they don’t exist,And the location of the huge body of the old lava monster,Standing upright is an extremely thick old banyan tree,The tree body occupies a very wide area,Layers of branches cover the sky,Not a thousand years old,For hundreds of years。

Li Tianzhen who recalled his taste was stunned.,And the old Bai Yun looked at him weirdly,The meaning in the eyes is very complicated,But the most straightforward thing to understand is,Here is as magnificent as the sea and the sky,Where is the doomsday lava you describe?
There is a huge black stone platform beside the banyan tree,Smooth and flat,Lying prone on the edge of the cliff,That is the visualization platform,Li Tianzhi searched carefully,The huge cliff protruding out,There is no trace of lava left,He smiled awkwardly at the old man Baiyun,Point your finger to your head,I can’t explain more。
Old Bai Yun showed a relieved expression,But my heart is not stable,Ziyuan is undoubtedly friendly to Li Tianzhi,But why did this child hurt so badly at the observation stage that day?When asked about Qingyunzi,The other party is insincere,Dodgy,There must be a problem,Especially when Li Tianzhen saw the big banyan tree just now,Kind of surprise and incredible,It’s definitely not a fake。
Out of the bamboo forest,Visitors of different moods will indeed see different visions,But no matter what kind of vision,Never directly hurt people,Especially Li Tianzhi also suffered trauma,What went wrong?
and also,Bai Yun suddenly thought of the strange thing he wanted to show Li Tianzhen,I couldn’t help but jumped,Unconsciously looking at the Bodhi tree beside him,A huge feather under the tree,Eye-catching,The feathers are longer,The feathers are bright red,Gradually deepen from the inside out,To the extension,Becomes dark black,The whole feather is like a beating flame,Very realistic,Also unusually coquettish,And at this moment,Li Tianzhen’s eyes were also attracted by this strange feather,I opened my mouth and couldn’t believe it。
Chapter Eighty Seventy A blessing in disguise?
“This thing is……”Li Tianzhen hasn’t spoken yet,Bai Yun Lao Dao was a little flustered first,This feather was only a palm size when he looked at it yesterday,It’s just an extremely out of shape,And it’s particularly dazzling when looking straight,Brutal,He predicted that this was a big culprit。
Reminiscent of the sacred bird described by Tao Tong,The first thing Bai Yun thought of was Jiuying,There is a manuscript book with half broken,Specially tells the legendary ferocious birds since ancient times,The old man repeatedly compares,It is almost certainly Jiuying,But Qingyunzi just said it was a nine-headed Luanfeng,Extraordinarily elegant,Beautify、Suspected packaging。
In fact, the nine-headed Luanfeng is commonly known as the nine-headed bird,The appearance is slightly different from Jiuying,But it’s not a lucky bird,The reputation is slightly stronger than Jiuying,Why did Qingyunzi lie??Didn’t he see this Jiu Ying’s feather??
Old Baiyun didn’t touch this feather,Always worried,I am worried that this thing has a great relationship with Li Tianzhi’s entry into Purple Garden,Goodbye this feather today,The bad feeling is more intense,How could it suddenly become so big?Could it be that this son is really murderous?
Old Taoist head is as big as a fight,Inconvenience,But Li Tianzhen quickly recovered from shock,He agrees with Baiyun’s idea,Judge this feather is for him,Just like the purple garden in the world five years later,Feathers of heavy songbirds appear,Baiyun wrapped the feathers and bodhi leaves with his own hands and gave them to himself,Said it is of great benefit to the destined,The words are full of envy。
later,These two things are really rare treasures,Bodhi leaf and Li Tianzhen became one of his life source,Not only save your life,And it gave birth to the natal soldiers‘Leaf knife’;And the colorful feathers of the heavy songbird,Actually‘Seven Flame Armor’Incarnation of,Not only guides his divine way,And turned out‘Colorful light field’Can nourish the sea of vitality,Give birth to mysterious Dao runes,The two complement each other,Become the most important thing on Li Tianzhen’s road to awakening,He has saved Li Tianzhen from danger countless times。
The Bodhi tree in front of you is still alive,Broad form,But the big feather under the tree is extremely abrupt and garish,Too big,And too fierce,Speak unceremoniously,Li Tianzhi has a natural resistance to this big feather,But the strange thing is,He happened to have another uncontrollable impulse,Close to this feather,Maybe many secrets are hidden in it!
Under Baiyun’s watch,Li Tianzhen went to the Bodhi tree step by step,And what makes the old man flustered is,The feathers are as smart as living things,The first is the fluff at the roots,The colors become more and more gorgeous,Red can drip blood,And no wind automatically,The beating flame really came alive。