“Neither,I am not Kidd,I know my face.”

Liao Jie raises his hand and smashed on his face.:“No disguise,No mask,How can it be a strange thief?。”
“so it is,This is your true face!”
Zhongson Police is more excited.,Chasing the stolen bird,He is played every time,Never really in the meaning of each other。
Pay it to you today,That is, the occasion is wrong.,Otherwise, you must laugh 300。
“Besides,You said that you are not Kidd,Then I ask you,Where is the dark star in your chest?,There should be one in the event.。”
Liao Jie:“”
“what happened,Is it nothing to say??”
“is a little。”
Liao Jie nodded,This time is he is not right.,Can’t take off the corner of the wall。
Suzuki is excited to shake,Nostrils spray hot gas,Eye light condense,It’s all over to a searchlight.:“No wonder,No wonder the first time,I am deeply falling in the charm of Jiege.,It turns out that he is Kidd.,The wipes of my soul,My holy white horse prince。”
Do not,You just simply,Is a handsome guy can do your white horse prince。
Conan is very determined by Liao Jie’s identity,Can’t be Kidd,Although he is also very surprised by Liao Jie high magic skills,But evidence is conclusive,Kidd other people,And now hide in the crowd。
where?Whoever disguised?
The crowd slightly confused,Conan is not concerned about Liao Jie,I don’t have the idea to help explain.,Perspective to stare at Suzuki。
Great opportunity,Kidd will certainly have actions,Who is waiting to close to Suzuki?,Who is a strange one。
Suzuki is too excited,A boxing in the top of Conan,Holding the Maori and jumping again,Wavy。
“Jiege Come on!Kidd fuel!Knock down the group of police!!”
I heard the cheering of the crowd,Zhongson Police forehead bumps,Big hand ordered:“What is it?,Give me a lot”
“stop,Be too arrogant!”
People from the crowd,Fu Zhezhe Zhei Tieqing face comes out:“This gentleman is a Fuze Territor.,How do you dare to be so rude??”
Total leader tea wood police eye-eyed,Lord of the owner Suzuki,The capitalist’s thing will be solved by the capitalist,They don’t want to mix and go in.。
Unfortunately,Just when Suzuki is hesitant,Shangshan Hongshen is the murderous light from the crowd:“Mr. Liao is the seat of the black tiger,It is also the benefactor I go to the mountain.,Who dares to move him?,Shangshan Hong is willing to personally visit。”
“I also think this gentleman is not a strange kid.,I hope that the police will carefully consider,Don’t blasphe people。”Come to tears,Smile to Liao Jie nodded。
Liao Jie brows,The first two can be understood,What is going on?,The attitude is high.。