Is this interesting?

What is even more annoying is,What Gu Bingjun said is true,In this case, Microsoft really has no good solution。
This is not as simple as scanning and locking down pirated copies,To monitor which software is used on these own systems,And ban the virtual machine,Microsoft really can’t do that step。
Hard work in the past month,How much interest was transferred,Balance point,Just cracked?
Is it because my family’s bottom line is lower than that of Huaxia??
467 Faith!
Microsoft executives are very generous。
Changxiang Technology’s response,Different from what they thought。
This kind of shameless play is generally not used by Huaxia companies。
Because it’s not only shameful but also troublesome。
Whether it is software or hardware,Most of the patents are still in their hands。
From Microsoft’s point of view,Changxiang Technology’s response plan should be to avoid the escalation of the struggle。
But obviously,They think too much。
Changxiang Technology is with the mentality of escalating the struggle。
But have to say,This way of coping is very effective,Directly hit Microsoft’s weakness。
Not to mentionwin10Using a virtual machine to run the Xin system,It’s just that all the software vendors they have joined already have alternative products,Makes Microsoft feel extra headache。
Brad·Smith and Satya·This is especially true for Nadella, the two highest-ranking people at Microsoft。
If the content in the video is true,It means that the software vendors that support them will covet the China market,To help Microsoft,And take the initiative to make room for China’s domestic software。