Jin Xiger saw a man who didn’t leave,Can’t help but ridicule。

Zhang Fugui is also a vomiting blood of Zhang Fun, hearing this.,But Jin Xijie said it is,Don’t see that they can eat in Yang Li.,It is because of Li Hui’s reasons。
But I didn’t expect Jin Xijie to consider this set.。
The most critical thing is that they will go to other places.,Then the arrears of the project will be enough for them.。
Don’t make money,Dry, there is money, I can’t get my hand.,Such choices must definitely be better than this cash settlement。
“Gold manager,Let us go,This goes。”
Zhang Fugui hesitated three or still feels down。
After all, this situation is not low now.。
“Humph,Today’s salary,Love dry,If you don’t love, you will find me a payment.,I will settle you.,Your current work,But many people are staring。”
Said that Jin Xijie took people directly。
Zhang Fu is looking into the back of Jin Xijie,The eyes are also flashing.。
After the Jin Xijie is far away,The people behind Zhang Fei are already can’t stand it.。
“Zhang Lao Ge,Let’s fall like this.,Also give people a grandson not?”
“Hey-hey,Where is it simple?,Let’s make money,Don’t forget that there are still more people who want to make money.,And the big head is still people,I have passed our turn.,The engineer is not necessarily。”
I heard Zhang Fugui,The people behind him also suddenly realized。
“Zhang Lao Ge Ming,Thus,Let’s continue to make our money.,Many responsibility is not our business.。”
Chapter 1,273 Big stone gold show
“Hey-hey,Gao Ming is not high, I don’t know.,We are to make money.,Anyway, this gold manager is not a water-saving lamp.,Be careful in the future。”
“Zhang Lao Ge said,We will try to conflict with him in the future.。”
Say this,A person is also a small abacus having its own。
Zhang Fugui naturally also has its own small abacus,He doesn’t want to be sinful, Li Hui, this shake money tree.。
After all, there is Li Hui’s care.,The money he earned, but it is more than before.。
The most important thing, he also knows that Li Hui is a person who has recited old.,As long as things don’t do it,So, Li Hui will not turn his face.。
From this time, Jin Xijie came to see,He knows that Li Anti-style should be aware of what,But there is no direct big knife rectification。
But with this,He understands that there is still room for cyclone.。
“Zhang Lao Ge,If you say that this work is just like letting you do other sites.,Constant arrears?”
“can not,This gold manager is mixed with Li boss.,Li boss is not that kind of person,And this gold manager is also a person who knows,The price we give is not very high.,He should have no such huge excavator team in his hand.,The most important thing is that all the engineering vehicles are basically very complete.。”
“As long as we are holding together,So, he will not do too much.,But we are defeated by others one by one.,So don’t have a good day.。”
Zhang Fugui said that when this is, Zhang Fu is also a face forward.。
That looks like a live military teacher.,Everything is in the mastery。
The person next to him heard his analysis is also thumbs up.,It is said that he must support Zhang Fugui。
“Zhang Lao Ge,do not worry,These people can be a call.,Whoever leaves us,I am the first to not let him live.。”
Why don’t you make people feel good??”