This call,Completely awakened his dream。Xia Jian washed it well,Then I packed my things,Then he carried the bag out of the door of the villa。

For safety reasons,He also walked around the villa,Checked the doors and windows,Then I drove the car to pick up Guan Tingna。
When Guan Tingna received a call from Xia Jian,He dragged a big suitcase and walked down。Fortunately, Xia Jian’s car has plenty of trunk space。
Guan Tingna got in the car,Xia Jian started the car without saying anything,Drive quickly towards the highway。Guan Tingna glanced at Xia Jian secretly。Asked quietly:“Are you not awake?Where did you go crazy last night?”
“Hi!Think of a question,I was thinking of myself for insomnia”Xia Jian said,So he went to Jupengquan Village yesterday afternoon,Tell Guan Tingna from beginning to end。
Guan Tingna,Laughing forward and backward。She smiled and said:“There are people like you,You don’t eat pork,Just persuade others not to eat,There are these things”
“These are two different things,How do you mix up and talk”Xia Jian said unconvincingly。
Guan Tingna stopped laughing and said:“This world,No demand,Sell and buy”
Yes indeed!Why didn’t he think of this problem??
First2303chapter Good people being bullied
Wang Youcai came back from the police station,Toss Wang Lan for two days,he thinks,His five thousand dollars must not be thrown away for nothing,How much he wants to earn back。
But Doctor Lu returned home soon。Thus,Wang Youcai is embarrassed to keep Wang Lan again。So he gave her 500 yuan,Sent her back。
At the beginning,Wang Lan said nothing to ask Wang Youcai’s money,But I can’t take Wang Youcai’s persuasion。Of course,Wang Youcai also has his own ideas。he thinks,Gave money,No one owes anyone between them。
What’s terrible is that Doctor Lu just went to work,The doctor came,And I heard that this business is very hot。Just over,People are big fish and meat,And irregular work and rest,There are more people who are sick。But it’s the seventh day,Just didn’t see her figure。
Julan will not come,I can only go to He Jing。This woman was going to see a doctor one day,I have to help grab the medicine afterwards,At the end of the day,Full of complaints。
When Wang Youcai sent her home,,I secretly stuffed her a two hundred yuan red envelope。This woman smiles at the sight of money,She was determined to Wang Youcai when she got off the car,She said she can hold on for two days。