Long Shi looked up at Shan You,I don’t like this guy the most,Can see him now,Feels great!

Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Eight Be saved2
The Dragon Team is the most powerful part of China,Everyone has more or less arrogance,Just many times,This arrogance has been concealed by the affection between comrades-in-arms,Everyone is willing to sacrifice for each other,Even if there are only a few sides。
Just like Long Jiu and Long Shi need to track experts,Long Ba came here without hesitation,Even if the domestic task is only completed by Long Qiyi alone,Everyone still has no complaints。
So many capable people,Should have personality,But for various reasons,Everyone chooses to suppress their own personality,Seek greater benefits for the team。
Then in such a person for me,I am in a big team,One person is not welcome,This person is single。
Different from the native brothers,Shan and as a returnee from outside,Although I was born and died with everyone,But his arrogance and arrogance,I’m usually criticized by many people,It’s just that this guy is really strong,So everyone is willing to keep their opinions,To Shanyou this guy tolerates everything。
Just a team of ten people,There will always be surprises,Long Shi is the accident of this team。
Unexpectedly, I don’t like the single soldier with the strongest combat capability.,Unexpectedly, he couldn’t understand his various behaviors,Unexpected competition,But not convinced。
Just a short moment,Long Shi thought about many possibilities,The end result is martyrdom,It’s just a different way。
Long Shiwei never thought that he would be saved,I don’t even dare to think that the one who came to save him is Shan You。
In the air, the sheets hang on again,If it was twenty-four hours ago,Long Shi will definitely think about how to kill Shan You,Then committing suicide,But now the follower is glide together again,Long Shi never felt so good。
I almost cried when I spoke,Long Shi vowed to take revenge, he won’t fail to count,I’m just weak,I must have a good helper,Shan is the best candidate。
Single and slightly silent,Long Shi also knows that his request is a bit difficult for others,Pretending to be indifferent and smiled and said:“it does not matter,I’ll retaliate against Long Ba and Long Jiu,Thank you for saving me this time…I,Really didn’t expect。”