“I heard Xiangyang say,Bai Lu’s family conditions have improved recently,I don’t know if she will take her mother out for a little holiday?or,According to your relationship,It’s not impossible for you to reunite!God knows if your parents will cover for you……”

In extreme grievance,Guo Enting gradually lost his mind,I also lost control of my body,Slapped Zhu Shiyao directly on the face,It also didn’t make the expression on Guo Enting’s face dilute。
Guo Enting pointed at Zhu Shiyao with trembling fingers,Flushed,Most of them have been greatly wronged,Will have such a performance。
“Your Zhu family is also powerful in Wanghai,You can check if Bai Lu has taken a flight,You can also take a look at the surveillance in the airport,My mother just said hello politely,How did Bai Lu and her mother treat him?!I said I only love you,I won’t put other women in my mind,But the way you are now,Really chills my heart!”
Guo Enting changed his old routine,Even the slap on Zhu Shiyao’s face,There is no sign of trying to coax her,Instead, it’s a stride to get into the car and leave,And closed the car door heavily,Then drove away。
Zhu Shiyao covers her face,I’m not conscious at this moment。
Stared at the direction of Guo Enting leaving,Zhu Shiyao can’t believe the scene she just experienced,And the ending I’m experiencing now,Zhu Shiyao couldn’t believe it。
Muddled,Zhu Shiyao doesn’t know how to get back to the dormitory。
“Yaoyao, what’s wrong with you?”
Xiang Yang first discovered the injury on Zhu Shiyao’s face,Xiao Xiaoxiao also put down her makeup pencil,Hurried to Zhu Shiyao’s side,Check the injury on her face。
Xiangyang, as a person with experience in combat,I also borrowed eggs from other bedrooms,Used to reduce Zhu Shiyao’s swelling。
“Who hit you?”
Xiao Xiaoxiao already had a guess,But still looking at Zhu Shiyao questioningly,Somewhat unbelievable。
“I asked him about Bai Lu,I asked him anxiously,He hit me!”
Zhu Shiyao covers her face,I don’t know if it’s because of Xiangyang’s healing technique,Anyway, Zhu Shiyao is crying very sad。
“Real scumbag!”
Xiangyang said fiercely,In her opinion,But any man who does something to a woman,Nothing good。
“Xiao Xiao’s brother saw Bai Lu meet him at the airport,I just asked……”