Qin Feng visits again,No longer delay,Tidy up,Go directly to Liuli City under the guidance of the Taoist,Unexpectedly this going to cause a lot of trouble。

When Qin Feng dragged his suitcase to Liuli City,Hungry,I had to take a taxi to the restaurant for a quick meal,There happened to be a beauty in the taxi,After his inquiry,I learned that this woman is called Yang Yinyin。
Unexpected,The taxi driver is too dark,Took away his suitcase,Run away。
Later I found out that they were riding in a black car,I didn’t expect to be kidnapped by a group of gangsters,Qin Feng wanted to save Yang Yinyin,So many people fighting alone,But there will always be negligence,She still got hurt。unfortunately,I still haven’t found the suitcase。
Even so,Yang Yinyin is still very grateful to him,Let him join the company。
Qin Feng thought that he would never let those people go,So I asked Yang Yinyin to report the case,Yang Yinyin happened to know the law enforcement officer Lin Youwei,Just agreed,Qin Feng is watching closely。
I didn’t expect the group to be messy,Witchcraft even appeared,Especially the female president Yang Yinyin was strangely poisoned,Several employees followed。
Qin Feng observed,The poison of witchcraft,To untie,Must rely on the ice ling grass in his box to solve the problem。
this,Qin Feng is working in a group under the Yang family,But I heard the phone ring,“Bell bell bell。”
A series of ringtones,Rang。
Broke the depressive atmosphere in the air。
Also slightly,Relieved,Qin Feng’s inner self-blame。
If it’s Qin Feng’s phone,He would subconsciously ignore it,As if I didn’t hear it,Because of what happened,In his opinion,Not as important as CEO Yang Yinyin,After all, he concludes that Yinyin is very close to him,Maybe it can help him improve。
but in fact,Qin Feng doesn’t have a mobile phone,In other words,This call is from Yang Yinyin。
that,Qin Feng won’t leave it alone。
Pick up the phone mechanically,Press the answer button numbly,Did not speak。
“Hi Yinyin,I am Lin Youwei,For your case,We have a new
Progress,But the last case,We found the group that intercepted you,Also found a taxi driver,But that box……”
Start,Qin Feng doesn’t care too much,But at the moment,I heard the word box,But it rekindled hope。