Lu Menglin is still calm,Indifferently ordered:“Xu Ling,Call and ask Zhang Bo,His patent and copyright procedures should be completed, right?。”

Xu Ling was shocked,I just remembered,Lu Menglin let Zhang Bo be the first step to register the patent and copyright of the Three Kingdoms Killer,I guess it’s for the future。
The atmosphere just now was too tense,Benefits,He and Liu Taosheng have almost forgotten that there is still such a mess。
I heard Lu Menglin’s words,Jiang Qizhi couldn’t help frowning,He didn’t believe that this group of teenagers could be considered to this extent,Obviously the sketch is still on paper,I already know how to register patents and copyrights first。
Xu Ling gritted his teeth,In front of everyone,Received the phone from Lu Menglin,Dialed the dormitory phone。
beep!beep!The phone only rang twice,Was picked up。
“Hey,Who to look for?”Zhang Bo’s slightly tired voice came on the phone。
“Zhang Bo,I am Xu Ling,Lu Menglin asked me to ask you,Are the patents and copyrights set??”Xu Ling is also worried,I’m afraid Zhang Bo’s answer is different。
“This is not nonsense!I can’t come back to sleep?I ran to death in these two days!I also asked the favor of my family to get it done!Brought all the documents back to the dormitory,Come back and see for yourself!”Zhang Boman on the phone answered triumphantly。
“it is good,we know,You go to sleep!”Xu Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief,I hung up the phone with great relief。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“If not
Troublesome,I can have the relevant documents sent over。”
“no need!”Jiang Qizhi’s face is a bit dark,Frowned。
He finally knew why Jiang Jinghong’s eyes were higher than the top,No one is concerned,I just love this kid,It’s not a fuel-efficient lamp!
“Count your kid cunning!But without me,Just rely on you students,Want to open the market,Increase sales,Easy talk!Relying on the resources and market I have,Give me 40%,Not too much!”Jiang Qi thought straight for a moment,Finally decided to make a concession,And still a great concession。