Even in their opinion,This is a contribution to the stability and prosperity of the world。They just put this batch“Unstable factors”Clear it。

Who can think of,It will eventually develop into what it is now?
of course,They can’t see the loneliness of the country anymore,Because Yinsang was angry,Basically, blood flows into a river。
Even now no one knows where Yinsang is hiding in the dark corner。have to say,The people at the time were actually right,Once these people are out of control,Will indeed bring the world closer“destroy”Impact。
But these are not what they should consider。
After Qin Feng said that, he found that the queen and other ministers were sweating.。
Over,Seeing their reaction, Qin Feng basically understood。
“Ha ha,Didn’t even keep the ashes??”Qin Feng sneered。Even laughed miserably!Originally he just thought he should do something for Chu Xiao and others。
Even if he doesn’t want to admit it,Chu Xiao is really the gate of China。Even between him and Chu Xiao,The feeling of sympathy is not fake。
But now,I can’t even bring their ashes back?Qin Feng feels like a failure!
As for anger?
Qin Feng is also considering!
If he is angry,Will thiseThe royal family and ministers took away。No need to think,eChina will definitely make a revolution。Because there is no one on it!
Does he really want to see this situation??Although he is not the Virgin,But I don’t mean to say that I want to see the scenes of being charred.?
What good is this for him?If it’s hurting others for self-interest,Qin Feng thinks it can be done。But it hurts others and hurts itself,This is unnecessary。