“Woke up?”
Zhang Hongyue suddenly discovered,Except for the big boss of the three major societies,And the Situ Baiyue and Chen Wensen she saw yesterday,And what surprised her was,Whether Situ worships the moon or Chen Wensen,Standing behind a young man,From this, their status is clear at a glance。
Chapter Fifty-Three Business dinner
“who are you?”Zhang Hongyue looked at the young man in front of him with surprise。It’s not surprising that Situ Baiyue will become someone else’s little brother,After all, Zhang Hongyue always thinks that Situ worshiping the moon is not a big brother.。
It’s just that the super master who stunned her was just a thug?
What is the identity of this young man?
“Self introduction,My name is Qin Feng。Actually,I am not interested in the so-called underground forces themselves,But because I stay in Dongcheng。And for some reason,I hope the intelligence organization of Dongcheng is completely within my control。It also happens that Situ Baiyue is a master of intelligence in Dongcheng,So many coincidences,I hope that Situ Baiyue will incorporate all the underground forces in the East City。Thus,The intelligence system will be more complete,At least if any suspicious person enters the East City, I will know as soon as possible。”
Qin Feng said blankly。
But he just finished speaking,Another big boss from the three major clubs was full of disdain,“Humph,Don’t you think,I really thought there was a great thug who could do whatever he wanted?”
It’s just that this big guy didn’t expect,He just finished speaking,Then he lost consciousness。
I saw Qin Feng walk to this big man,And then pat his face,Then his head was shot flying。Seeing this scene, let alone Zhang Hongyue was shocked,Even Situ Baiyue and Chen Wensen were scared enough。
Because they never knew,It turns out that Qin Feng has such great hand strength,Able to sever others’ heads,It’s as if the neck can’t bear the pressure and breaks。
Situ Baiyue swallowed,Then I couldn’t help but back up two steps。It’s like I want to say I’m not here at all。