Yan Xiaoyi gave up the idea of planning the future with Xiang Chen,After all, I’m behind a boss like Xiang Chen,No matter how the future looks。So Yan Xiaoyi could only withhold Yao Yao to figure out where his pension was spent.,It’s just not long,Yao Yao doesn’t want to listen。

“Gangster,Although our Wanghai is not like the imperial capital and the magic capital,But the land is also very valuable,Plus, as you and the boss ordered,All employees are treated preferentially!”
Yan Xiaoyi’s painstaking explanation,When I want to convince Yao Yao,The middle-aged man with the boss appearance suddenly appeared at the door and broke into Yan Xiaoyi’s eyes。
This is since Fenglin Night opened,Except for people you know who digest the room,Strange faces for the first time,When Yan Xiaoyi saw someone coming,I have forgotten the nagging,Replaced by an eye of anticipation。
Xiang Chen looked at the visitor with some wonder,Could it be that Wu Weihua’s name is not easy to use,I went back to the inn by myself,The enemy came here。Frowning slightly,Xiang Chen can’t remember,What is the name of this middle-aged man in fur who had an argument with himself in the hospital?。
“My name is Sun Youcai,Is the boss of Youcai Group。”
When Xiang Chen was still remembering,Sun Youcai has handed Yan Xiaoyi his business card。
Yan Xiaoyi subconsciously looks at Xiang Chen and Yao Yao,After all, among these people present,These two have more decision-making power than themselves。But when Yan Xiaoyi’s eyes were on Yao Yao and Xiang Chen,Both of them gave him a look at your own decision。
“Hello,My name is Yan Xiaoyi,Is the manager of this inn。”
Greet Sun Youcai against your scalp,But Sun Youcai seems to have not discovered the existence of Xiang Chen and Yao Yao,I started chatting with Yan Xiaoyi。
“with all due respect,Your inn decoration is also quite distinctive,Just poor location,I’m afraid business won’t be very good。”
Sun Youcai scanned for a week,Speak softly,Yan Xiaoyi beside him can only smile shyly,After all, what people said,There is nothing to refute。
“I like you here,I plan to sign an agreement with you,In the future, the employees of our material group will travel to Wanghai,Live with you,Including our partner merchants,We will also arrange with you,So please be sure to give me an agreement price,Tomorrow I will let our accountant pay 1 million to your account first,If you have no objections,We can cooperate first,Re-sign the agreement later。”
Sun Youcai was full of sincerity when he spoke,What Yan Xiaoyi listens to is dreamlike,First encounter in life,Give money so humble……
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven Hands-on