Su’s mother finally started to look at Lu Menglin at this time,Maybe she also finds it a little strange,This kid stood there without saying a word,It looks like I still have some shoulders。

“Are you surnamed Lu?”Mother Su squinted,Asked suddenly。
“what?Yes,Yes!Aunt。”Lu Menglin quickly replied。
“You are Lu Menglin?”Mama Su asked。
Lu Menglin suddenly felt a little confused,Don’t know the situation,I had no choice but to admit my fate,If he dares to call himself Wang Shaoxiao at this time,I guess Su Xuehen next to him has to jump up。
“Yes,I am Lu Menglin。Auntie, listen to me.”
“no need,You go!”Mother Su has a strong aura,Directly impatiently waved his hand。
to be frank,Until now,Lu Menglin didn’t even notice it,Is this mother Su angry or not?,Anyway, I feel weird in my heart,I can’t say how strange it is。
Su Xuehen winked at Lu Menglin desperately,Obviously let him go。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Forget it,Let’s go!Leave this place of right and wrong first,Want to be here,He decisively pulled his legs and left,Three steps and two steps,Escaped the Su family’s gate。
boom!Lu Menglin stepped out of the door with his feet,I heard the sound of closing doors behind me。
He thought about it,Turning around again to the window of Su’s house,If Su Xuehen gets beaten because of this,I must come forward,I dare not let my wife be wronged。
I don’t know that I haven’t waited for Lu Menglin to walk around the window sill,I saw Mama Su appear at the window from a distance,Cold eyes,Staring at him fiercely。
Uncovered,This time there is really no way,Had to retreat!Lu Menglin knew he couldn’t help staying here,Can only anger mother Su,Then left in grief。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Leave without saying goodbye
now,Su’s living room,Mother and daughter stand one by one,One sitting,It was silent for a long while,As if a silent film is being staged。
“mom!”In the end, Su Xuehen couldn’t stretch it anymore,Can’t help but shout。
Mother Su glanced at her daughter calmly,There was a touch of worry between the eyebrows。