[How to eat antler and taboo]_How to eat _ diet taboo

[How to eat antler and taboo]_How to eat _ diet taboo

Antler is actually antlers. Antler has high medicinal value. In addition to being used for curing diseases, antler can also be used for health care. Many people choose antler to take health care.The benefits are many. Although velvet antler has high nutritional value, it is contraindicated when eating. What is the antler’s eating method and taboo?

The method of eating velvet antler: First, the method of containing chewing clothing is simple and easy, and it will not be restricted by the environment and the place.

The specific method is as follows: deer velvet scorch the fluff with an alcohol lamp, scrape it, wrap the velvet velvet with a cloth bag, and continuously fill with hot white wine from the small holes in the mouth surface, fill it with water to the degree, steam it slightly, then cut the slice across, pressDry flat, put in clean bottle, and take with you.

Take 1-2 tablets each time under the tongue until the taste is light, then chew and swallow.

Second, this method of swallowing powder, powder directly into the stomach to take effect, easy to take, has been recognized by doctors and the world.

The specific method is as follows: dry the velvet antler, grind it into fines, directly put the velvet antler powder in the mouth, and wash it with warm boiling water.

Health dosage 0 per day.


5 grams is better.

You can also inject antler powder into hollow capsules, taking 1-2 capsules daily with warm water.

Third, brewing pilose antler tea tea therapy is one of the traditional treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and tea culture.

This method can be used alone or in combination with medicines. It has the advantages of good quality and low price, simple preparation, wide treatment, excellent efficacy, and long-term use.

The velvet antler tea is usually put the prepared velvet tablets directly into the tea cup and brewed with boiling water. Cover the cup tightly and soak it for a few minutes to replace it. You can also add some wolfberry or longan and replace it until the medicineWhen the tea is tasteless, you can swallow the velvet edible.

Health dosage 0 per day.


5 grams is better, you can also participate every other day, do not have to take it every day.

Fourth, soaking pilose antler wine dripping holy water has a long history.

China has a large-scale system of wine customs.

And the medicinal liquor with the function of nourishing and strengthening is especially favored by people.

The combination of medicine and wine not only makes up for the shortcomings of medicine, but also improves the flavor of wine.

There are countless ways to soak medicinal liquor since ancient times, sharing one is simple and another common soaking method, ginseng velvet wine: 30 g of ginseng, 10 g of velvet antler, 1500 ml of fine white wine, 50 g of rock sugar, put all the ingredients into the bottle, Sealed, can withstand after 60 days.

A total of 20-50 ml before going to bed each night.

Efficacy: Gradually fill the lower yuan, Sheng Jing Yi Xue, aphrodisiac and bones.

Fifth, there are usually two methods for deer antler porridge. First, antler flakes can be cooked directly with rice, or supplemented with nutrient drugs such as wolfberry and gelatin, boiled for consumption, and finally swallowed by antler.One is to stir the antler powder directly into the porridge.

Health dosage 0 daily.


5 grams.

Contraindications to eating velvet velvet velvet has very high nutritional value and good nourishing properties, but it is also contraindicated. Hormones contained in velvet antler stimulate the digestive tract mucosa and cause internal tract reactions.

Generally can cause renal tract reactions, manifested as: upper abdominal pain, nausea, cold sweats, and can cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding in severe cases.

Fluoride induced, pale, panic, shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating, shock.

Always take deer antler in moderation. Do not overdose. If you have never eaten antler, you should start with a small amount and slowly increase it. You should not use a large amount in order to avoid sun rising and wind, dizziness, or help.The fire moved the blood and caused the nose to bleed.

If you have a large number of special constitutions, you should also avoid taboos. Those with yin deficiency and yang, heat in blood, stomach fire or phlegm in the lungs, and exogenous fever should be avoided.

The active ingredients of velvet antler are destroyed by reaction with the synthetic acids in fruits and vegetables, so it is contraindicated; anyone suffering from a new infection and fever and suddenly suffering from pain and pain syndromes are temporarily taboo.

It should also be noted that those who have a strong physique and do not need to take too much food will easily cause reactions such as head ups, chest tightness, or nasal irritation. They must be stopped immediately for observation and must not be continued.